Favorite Pop Singer Bera

Bera has lot of fans. Most of them are girls who have posters all over their rooms and dream about autographs or selfies with their favorite singer. This is a dream for every teenager nowadays. Everybody dreams to be surrounded by so many girls. In fact, Bera has all this attention but still he has no relationship with anyone. On one interview Bera was asked about his private life and whether he plans to start serious relationship with anyone. “I don’t have and I don’t plan to start a relationship. At this part of life, I am completely devoted to my career and I don’t want anything to disturb me. I can even say that music is my wife and I stay completely devoted to my “wife” and I don’t plan to cheat on her. When person has a certain goal, different things may stand in front of this goal but he or she should stay concentrated. In my opinion if person has serious relationship, one cannot balance between career and relationship and becomes mixed. I don’t want it to happen in my case. Of course I cannot say anything for sure and I don’t exclude the idea that person can fall in love without planning it, but still at this point, it is not one of my priorities. Mostly I like Georgian girls and I am nearly sure that I’m going to marry Georgian girl because I don’t think that American will understand me, my family and our traditions as well as will Georgian. We have different views on many things and if someone won’t except and understand me it will be difficuilt to build relationship no matter how strong the love is”.
Bera was once asked about his perfect day. His response was that the best day for him was the one, spent with his family. “I like spending time with my small brother especially. We go out play and talk about everything. Even though he is 6 years old, he understands me in everything and we can discuss every single issue that bothers me. I am really proud that I can be so open with my brother and he also, shares with every problem he has and later we settle and think about possible ways to improve every single problem that bothers us.”
The process of Bera’s way to success is also interesting. As he explains, main reason why he did not fail is he became focused and motivated with his goal. Bera knew exactly what he wanted. This is pretty rare in our society. usually people spend their lives not knowing what they want. In most cases, people are lucky if they find what they where searching for at the age of 30. But in Bera’s case everything happened too fast. He realized everything at his teenage years and that might be one of the main factors of his success. Person who is not certain about his or her opinion and goal will never overcome the obstacles which pressed in every single person’s life, no matter how small and easy their goal is. Second factor, which according to Bera also had a major contribution in his accomplishments, was that he believed in himself. One who constantly doubts in his or her own abilities will never succeed because he or she will constantly be bothered by an opinion that nothing will come out and at the end all their attempts will result a big failure. In case of Bera, from the first steps of his career he was 100% sure that everything would come out so he reached the goal he was striking for and became a world known singer. Bera has very creative and enthusiastic character, which plays a big role in his accomplishments Besides Bera’s successful career in his early ages, his kind character is also worth of emphasis. In one of the interviews Bera describes how he wrote one of his most famous song “I look good on you”. “I was in one of the studios in the United States, working on my other song, while, in order to have a rest I sat in front of the piano and started playing Run 3. Suddenly I realized that suddenly I was creating a completely new song with harmonious sounds. As I heard the melody, the idea suddenly came and after half an hour lyrics where also ready”.Bera has a very strong bond with his family “There is nothing and no one I love more than my country and my family members.” Explains Bera. For him, being apart from his relatives is associated with tragedy and while spending time with his family members he doesn’t think about his career. While his friends talk about Bera, they mention that he is very easygoing loyal and rational person. Besides he is funny and humorous. It is a great pleasure to spend the time with his kind of person. He will always listen carefully to someone’s problem and will do everything to find the way out. You can always be honest to him because he is not one of that judgmental people.

Lets Talk About Video Flash Games Around The Globe

Online the impossible quiz game is a prominent flash activity that has been actually growing for fairly some opportunity. Today, you will certainly find a lot of variations of the Bloons Tower Protection Video game, phoned number one via five.

About the Video game

Bloons High Rise Defense possesses you participating in as an ape where you have to come as lots of bloons as feasible. Depending on the variation you participate in, you will either be firing the bloons down yourself or putting together high rises where the apes will certainly shoot the Run 3 located after where you established all of them.

There are actually numerous upgrades with various bloon styles, other monitors, Exclusive Broker Towers, Special Purposes and a lot more.

How the Game is actually Played

You will certainly go through the straightforward on the internet guidelines offered once you select which video game you really want to play. You will certainly at that point place towers throughout the panel that are accountable for rejecting bloons (or even balloons). Hing on the method you pick, you are going to be shooting pushpins, stones or other things to stand out the balloon.
As you acquire even more places, you have the capability to upgrade to better high rises to ensure that you possess a far better opportunity from obliterating each one of the bloons. Considering that from the need to come as many as achievable, this game Cubefield could become quickly addictive.

There are actually numerous methods that you could decide on: newbie, advanced as well as intermediary. This will certainly calculate exactly what resources you have in addition to the volume from controls that you possess.

You may manage the entire activity with your mouse. You will definitely click to either location the high rises on the 2048 Cupcakes video game board or you will certainly have the ability to handle your cursor in order to shoot up at the bloons.

Tips & Techniques

The only technique to get access to each one of the exclusive upgrades are actually with even more aspects. Spare up your indicate have the ability to upgrade to either a raised firing span or even to a much better dart. Keep in mind that some bloons are actually more challenging to obliterate in comparison to others, therefore you will certainly need to have something stronger to pierce the balloon.

Job towards opening fast-track mode, which sets you back 3,000 Monkey Money. This will certainly permit you to utilize your bloon putting time even more effectively. It will definitely let you miss earlier rounds and also enter Round 26.

This is where you desire to place the very most apes. As long as the majority from your apes are actually by the doorway as well as no further than the first turn, then none of the Duck Life 4 should be actually capable to receive previous.

You might likewise wish to spare for a Super Ape to ensure that you can enjoy an also better Tunnel Rush activity.


The site is actually totally free, enabling you to attempt each one of the models of Bloons High rise Protection to see which one you like better. You don’t require any kind of unique tools or even software to participate in the game. Merely open your web browser, choose which variation you desire to participate in and start checking out the apes go to city on the different bloons.

This is among the much more calculated flash Free Online Games that you will definitely locate on the Internet. Some people like Bloons Tower Self defense 1 this finest while others favor 4 or even 5. You will definitely must play them all in purchase to decide which one you like the most effective.

When you obtain participating in the video game, go ahead of time and “like” the site as well as reveal that with each of your buddies. You are going to have the capacity to track your improvement with numerous success as well as degrees, enabling you to contrast your capabilities to your close friends’ skill-sets.

Bloons High Rise Protection is a popular cubis 2 game that has been progressing for fairly some opportunity. The first variation came to be thus prominent that enthusiasts from the game began asking for a sequel. Today, you will definitely find a lot of versions from the Bloons Tower Protection Video game, numbered one via five.

The moment you opt for which video game you want to play, you are going to review the basic on-line directions provided. You don’t require any type of special devices or even software program to play the return man 3 game.